Woman Killed in 4-Car Crash

On Sunday, December 6th, at 1:00 pm, the adult male driver of an SUV traveling at a very high rate of speed slammed into the back of a slow moving sedan caught in heavy traffic on the Southwest Freeway near Fondren with such force that the SUV completely crushed and ran up on top of the sedan and pushed it into the vehicle in front of it, also crushing the sedan’s front end. The second rear-ended vehicle then hit the car in front of it. The woman driving the sedan was killed upon impact and three occupants of the vehicle in front of hers were also seriously injured. A family of five was in the last-struck vehicle, but fortunately they were uninjured.

The area where the crash occurred is under construction and the slowed traffic lanes were merging into each other. Thus, the SUV’s high speed was all the more heinous. As so often occurs in these appalling incidents, the SUV’s driver was unhurt. HPD Police officers on the scene detained the driver who is suspected of drunk driving and will likely be charged with several crimes.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a vehicle collision caused by an impaired driver, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such tragedies for decades and we are experts at holding such irresponsible people as fully accountable as the law permits for the terrible harm they cause.