Texas Energy Leadership AWOL

It should be a bone-rattling shocker to every Texan that at least half of the Board of Directors of the Texas Electric Reliability Counsel of Texas, ERCOT, not only don’t live in Texas, they aren’t even close: for instance Illinois, Maine, Toronto, Canada, and even Cologne, Germany! Since Spindletop gushed in at the dawn of last century Texas has boasted itself as the energy capital of Earth. So, what the hell?!

During a catastrophic week of millions of Texans losing power for extended periods and safe drinking water for even longer, incurring staggeringly high electrical bills and even dying in their frozen beds, we Texans deserve vastly better from our statewide leaders generally and the Public Utilities Commission and Texas Legislature in particular.

Texas set up ERCOT to evade federal energy regulation. But, the tradeoff has to be that we properly regulate ourselves. Small government may have been peachy when Texas was a state full of self-sufficient farms and ranches. But now, with a statewide population approaching 30 million and some of the largest cities in the country, we can’t be satisfied with energy leadership from a bunch of inattentive foreigners who are happy to sit on their hands and do nothing while all hell breaks loose thousands of miles away from their safe and warm homes.

If you care at all about what happened last week, please call the Governor, Lt. Governor, and your local representative and senator to demand that they and the Legislature get off their indifferent, lazy asses and address this woeful lack of energy leadership comprehensively and NOW! Otherwise, you are saying to them that what happened is just fine with you.