Speeding Wrong-Way Driver Kills 1

At 12:20 am on Tuesday, March 10th, an adult male driver of a full sized pickup going over 100 mph northbound in the southbound lanes of Highway 99/Grand Parkway smashed head-on into an on-coming small Chevrolet sedan near West Belfort, instantly killing that vehicle’s driver. Harris County Sheriff’s deputies in a cruiser near the freeway reported afterwards that they could see the driver headed the wrong way and they rushed to put out spike strips to stop traffic from entering the freeway, but there was no time to do anything to prevent the horrific crash with the Chevy that was already on the freeway. The impact completely demolished the Chevy’s front end and knocked the pickup onto its side. Initial reports did not indicate what injuries the pickup’s driver sustained, but assuming he survives, he will face serious felony charges. The southbound lanes of the freeway were closed for several hours, but have since reopened.

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