Racing Crash Injures 2...2 Arrested

Late on the evening of Thursday, January 14th, two vehicles, which were racing at very high speeds in the northbound lanes of I-45 North in Spring, hit each other and then hit the concrete median barrier. One of the vehicles came to rest there, but the other careened back across the freeway’s traffic lanes, went airborne onto the feeder road and cartwheeled several times, landing upside down in the shop bay at a Pep Boys’ Auto Shop after crashing through the wall. Fortunately, that business was closed at the time, and no other vehicles were hit. The two occupants of the second vehicle were severely injured and were Life Flighted to an area hospital in critical condition. The two occupants of the other wrecked vehicle were arrested by Spring Police at the scene. Investigation of this crash continues, but numerous criminal charges will likely be issued.

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