Man Dies in Rollover Crash

During the early evening of Thursday, January 16th, a man lost control of the vehicle he was driving and it left the pavement, veered into a ditch and rolled over at the intersection of Avenue E and Brand Lane in Stafford. According to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the man died in the crash. An adult female passenger was also in the vehicle, but initial reports of the tragedy did not indicate whether she was injured. Preliminary investigation indicated that the victim suffered a medical problem before the crash. That investigation continues and will include a routine autopsy. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a vehicle collision which results from your own impairment or incapacity there may not be much we can do to help. But, if you are injured due to the acts or omissions of others or a vehicle malfunction, please consider calling us. We have dealt with them for decades and we are experts at it.