Types of Trucking Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer Friendswood, Texas

Almost all truck accidents produce catastrophic injuries. In our more than 45 years of experience, our attorney and staff have handled every type of truck accident. Our past work includes accidents that led to wrongful death claims as well as those that resulted in substantial verdicts or settlements for injuries. Even though these accidents involved different types of vehicles, they all produced severe injury or death.

Our Friendswood, Texas lawyer and staff at The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd have thorough knowledge of the varieties of 18-wheeler accidents. We have handled crashes involving two semis, accidents between a car and a double tractor-trailer, and collisions between trucks and trains, motorcycles, and buses. We have helped people severely injured by rear end accidents, including those where the car goes under the trailer and where the truck rear-ends the car. Our clients include the families of victims of truck and pedestrian accidents; very few people survive such incidents. For an attorney who has the experience necessary to handle any type of trucking accident, contact our Houston-area office. Call Alton C. Todd for a free initial consultation.

We are dedicated to learning the truth about your truck accident

In any type of truck crash, it is critical to get to the scene quickly before the vehicles are removed or repaired. Our in-house investigator is able to determine the speed of the truck by looking at the gear mechanism. He can also learn whether there was an attempt to brake or avoid the accident.

People often think of truck accidents as happening only on interstate highways, such as Interstate 45 or the Gulf Freeway. However, serious accidents can involve a parked truck. If a semi is left without running lights or reflectors, it is a road hazard that can cause serious disability or death.

Whatever type of accident, our attorney can help you get results. He has litigated truck accident injuries in all Texas state courts and in federal courts throughout the south. His reputation as a successful federal litigator has led to referrals from other attorneys; we also receive many referrals from satisfied clients who are happy with the verdict or settlement they received.

For an attorney who can handle any type of truck injury, contact our Friendswood, Texas law firm. We can help.