Truck Maintenance and Accidents

Texas Truck Accidents Brake Failure - Uneven Tire Wear

Poor maintenance is one of the primary causes of trucking accidents. At the Texas office of The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd, our attorney and staff understand the need to identify maintenance problems and their relationship to a truck accident. That is why our investigator inspects the truck as soon as possible after a truck crash. Our prompt review of maintenance records, the accident report, and the physical evidence of the truck itself, allows us to develop the strongest possible case for our injured clients. If you have been injured in an accident that may have been caused by poor truck maintenance, contact our Friendswood office.

We are dedicated to learning the truth about your truck accident

We understand the rules and regulations about maintenance for interstate and intrastate trucks. Trucking companies are supposed to conduct regular inspections of brake systems and record their findings in a monthly brake report. Drivers are supposed to perform a walk-around before each trip; they are supposed to report any maintenance issues to the company, and the company is supposed to fix any problems revealed by the walk-around. Many trucking companies and their drivers neglect to perform these simple safety tasks. The result can be catastrophic injuries or death.

In our experience, most truck accidents caused by poor maintenance are related to tire maintenance. Uneven tire tread wear compromises the ability of the driver to stop the truck. This also affects the direction and plane in which the truck is able to stop.

Poorly maintained brakes increase the time required to stop a truck. This results in trucks being unable to avoid hazards in the roadway, other vehicles suddenly turning into the path of a truck, or a sudden slow-down in traffic. Brake failure is a significant cause of truck accidents.

If your injury was caused by poor truck maintenance, our investigator will likely identify the problem that caused the accident. Our attorney will use the results of the investigation to construct a strong claim for your truck injury. Contact a Texas law firm with the resources and knowledge to recognize maintenance problems in trucking accidents. Call the Friendswood office of The Law Firm Of Alton C. Todd. We can help.