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Every car and motor vehicle accident is serious, but when accidents involve 18-wheelers in Georgia, they have a much greater ability to cause severe injuries and other damage, especially for those drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. Pursuing compensation is critical and an experienced truck accident lawyer can guide you through the process

At The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd, our attorneys have handled hundreds of truck accidents cases . Our firm can provide the comfort and advocacy that our clients need to protect their rights. After a truck accident, it is important to get experienced representation as soon as possible.

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Georgia 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, when truck drivers and their companies disregard federal and state trucking regulations, it is usually other people on the road who pay the price. Common trucking violations in Georgia include:

  • Driver fatigue caused by too many hours or lack of sleep
  • Aggressive driving behavior
  • Inadequate training
  • Unrealistic schedules
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Improper loading

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your accident and pursue legal action against those who are responsible, including the truck driver and his or her company.

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