FELA Basics and FAQ’s

Understand FELA Basics

Frequently Asked Questions About Railroad Worker Accidents in Texas

FELA was enacted in 1908 as a response to the dangers that railroaders faced from working out on the railroads. The average life span of a brakeman at that time was around six to eight years. As a response, the federal government passed a law that if a railroad worker is hurt on the job, the railroad is required to compensate the worker for medical expenses, pain and suffering, impairment and future medical expenses, if it can be demonstrated that the railroad was negligent.

Unlike a regular workers' comp claim, where there does not need to be fault, fault does need to be shown in a FELA claim. Under FELA, a worker can recover all the normal elements of a regular case, except prejudgment interest or punitive damages. The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd has significant experience representing clients in FELA claims throughout Texas.

FELA Representation in Houston

As your attorneys, it is our role to investigate your claim and help you file the claim according to FELA. There are many federal regulations that govern railroads. If a railroad violates one of those regulations, it may be held strictly liable. For instance, if it is demonstrated that the railroad violated a statute and the worker is 50 percent responsible, a worker can still recover damages.

Attorneys that do not commonly practice FELA cases can easily make mistakes or overlook important issues. Our firm has been handling these claims for decades and we have significant experience working on injury claims involving railroads throughout Texas. We also handle FELA appeals claims.

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