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Premises liability law involves claims made by individuals who are injured on someone else’s property. The injured party may bring a claim either against the owner of the property or the person or entity occupying or controlling the property at the time of the injury.

The most common type of accident resulting in a premises liability case is probably a slip and fall. Causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Wet floors
  • Snow, ice, and other debris
  • Unmarked obstacles
  • Faulty stairs
  • Loose or wrinkled carpeting
  • Spills not cleaned up in a timely manner

Premises liability lawsuits can also arise from vicious animals on someone’s property, open swimming pools, broken elevators, uneven floors or other surfaces, and many other potential hazards. To obtain compensation, an injured person must file a lawsuit against entities that control or possess property, such as:

  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Retailer
  • Business franchise
  • Easement holders
  • Residential tenants
  • Property manager
  • Maintenance companies
  • Government entities

But the property owner or occupier is not liable for an injury simply because it occurred on his premises. To recover on a premises liability claim, the plaintiff must prove that the owner was negligent and that his negligence caused the injury. Under Georgia premises liability law, accident victims can hold the owner or occupier of property liable for negligently causing or negligently failing to repair, correct or warn about these and other unsafe conditions which lead to injury.

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