Oil Rig Accidents

Oil Rig Accidents

Texas Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Because of the concentration of oil rigs and related operations in this part of Texas, much of our workplace injury practice has focused on oil rigs. Despite a wealth of safety regulations and procedures, working on an oil rig is dangerous. Gas leaks, blowouts, falling pipes, and toxic exposure are just a few of the potential dangers an oil rig worker faces.

At our Friendswood, Texas office, our principal lawyer, Alton C. Todd, has helped hundreds of oil rig workers seek a remedy for their injuries sustained in a drilling accident or other injury-causing incident. Let him use his experience to help you. If you have been injured, or a family member has been killed in an onshore oil rig accident, contact a Texas lawyer with the experience and knowledge to help. Call us for a free initial consultation.

Based on our experience, most oil rig accidents are preventable. Our attorney has handled claims for accidents involving:

  • Lack of supervision by driller
  • Employer-required procedures that were unsafe
  • Using the wrong tools for the job
  • Oil rig fatigue
  • Climbing to an unguarded position
  • Dropped pipe

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The pressure to increase production can lead drillers to require overtime of employees, impose unrealistic deadlines, causing a workover rig incident. Drillers often fail to take the time to train employees thoroughly. A number of onshore oil rigs are old, with failing equipment; that accidents occur on such structures should not be surprising.

Accidents can also occur when transporting oil field workers to the site of the oil rig. When a bus or helicopter is involved in an accident, multiple injuries and fatalities usually result. Oil rigs are by nature unsafe. Proper caution and maintenance can reduce the incidence of injury-causing accidents and fatalities.

Our law firm has represented many oil rig workers who have been injured on the job by careless or negligent behavior. Let us help you seek a remedy for your injury. Contact our Friendswood, Texas law office.