Explosion Accidents

Explosion Accidents

Chemical and Gas Explosion Lawsuit Attorney

Our area of the Texas Gulf Coast has one of the highest concentrations of chemical plants and oil refineries in the United States. The large number of operations in this industry generates a corresponding number of explosions. It comes with the territory. At the Friendswood offices of The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd, we have compiled an impressive record of chemical and gas explosion lawsuits during our more than 35 years in practice. If you have been injured, or have had a family member killed in an explosion, contact an attorney who can get results for you. Call our law office for a free initial consultation.

Your case is our cause

Our experience includes helping workers and their families in explosion accidents that occurred at:

  • The Amoco plant in Texas City, 1976
  • The Montsanto plant, 1988
  • The Arco plant in Channelview, 1990
  • The BP Amoco plant in Texas City, 2005

These explosions involved ammonia, acid spills, steam, and oil or gasoline. We have handled hundreds of gas explosion lawsuits and other injury claims against nearly every major oil and chemical company in America and the large law firms they hire to represent them. We know the players in these cases; we also know the pool from which a jury will be selected. We prepare every case as if it will proceed to trial. Because of our success at trying Texas oil refinery explosion cases, opposing attorneys know that we are not bluffing. This gives us, and our clients, an advantage when dealing with these large law firms in explosion cases. Any settlement discussions take place on the client's terms, not the chemical or gas company's.

Many of the oil, gas, and chemical plants in the region are old. Compounding this is the reluctance of gas, oil, and chemical companies to invest any more than the minimum to upgrade equipment and improve safety. Plant workers may be improperly trained or encouraged to take short cuts during shutdowns. Hot work permit checklists may be ignored, as are safe work permit restrictions. In short, many of these plants are just explosions waiting to happen.

If you are injured, or a family member has been killed in a gas or chemical explosion, contact a lawyer who has helped hundreds of people get the remedy they need to recover from their burns and other catastrophic injuries. Call an experienced attorney at The Law Office of Alton C. Todd.