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In Texas over the past few years, bicycles and pedestrians have become more prevalent, especially on roadways in Houston and other urban areas. Bicyclists and pedestrians have a right to share the road with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Unfortunately, these individuals are significantly more vulnerable in accidents and often suffer catastrophic injuries as a result. In the worst cases, pedestrian and bicycle accidents may also result in wrongful death.

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Houston Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrians who are involved in accidents are more likely to be seriously or fatally injured than the occupants of other motor vehicles on the road. Some of these accidents happen because of distracted driving, alcohol and other negligent behaviors on the part of auto drivers. In others, drivers failed to notice bicyclists or pedestrians in crosswalks or on road shoulders until it was too late.

In cases where automobile drivers do not have insurance or in hit-and-run accidents where the drivers are never identified, bicyclists and pedestrians must rely upon their own policies and their uninsured and underinsured coverage. Our firm can help you understand your coverage and your rights.

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