Admiralty and Jones Act Offshore Accidents

Admiralty and Jones Act Offshore Accidents

Texas Offshore Drilling Rig Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in an offshore drilling rig accident, you are entitled to independent legal advice and representation. The same is true if you have lost a family member to a fatal offshore drilling rig accident.

There are several different federal and state laws that protect Texas offshore drilling rig workers. Victims of offshore drilling rig accidents deserve independent legal representation from workplace accident lawyers who understand the relationship between the different laws and how to advocate most effectively for a full and fair financial settlement.

Representing the Rights of Petrochemical Industry Workers and Their Families

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Offshore Drilling Rig Accidents Happen Despite Tight Safety Controls,

Among petrochemical industry workers, offshore drilling rig accidents are the stuff of nightmares. Even though safety standards have increased dramatically, offshore drilling rig accidents still happen. Offshore blowouts, sunk rigs, hurricane damage and structural collapses — these dramatic accidents almost always make the nightly news and almost always result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Less dramatic accidents happen on offshore drilling rigs more frequently. The Jones Act (also known as the Merchant Marine Act) and other maritime worker protection laws protect offshore drilling rig workers injured in more common ways: equipment failure due to lack of maintenance, falls from height due to lack of proper tie-downs, a coworker's carelessness, mistakes due to inadequate training, and violation of safety laws or petrochemical industry safety guidelines.

The Jones Act should provide some financial compensation in all of those situations. Moreover, if your work injury on an oil rig was caused by a person or company other than your own employer, you may be able to seek additional compensation. Known as a third-party liability claim, this type of lawsuit may be successful if evidence proves that an on-site contractor — or other non-employee — caused the accident that resulted in your work injury.

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