Catastrophic Injuries

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Serious, debilitating injuries create substantial costs for individuals and families struggling to pay for health care, rehabilitation, special educational needs, food and housing. When the accident victim was the family's primary wage-earner, financial difficulties may be even harder. When the accident victim was a child, the financial impact on the family's life will last a lifetime.

It is not in bad taste to ask questions about money in the aftermath of an accident that caused major injury to a family member. Neither is it in bad taste to ask these questions after a fatal accident. One of the best ways to make sure that your family's financial needs are met is to pursue compensation via a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Different Types of Injuries May Require Different Personal Injury Lawsuit Strategies

At the Law Firm of Alton C. Todd, our personal injury attorneys work with nationally recognized medical experts, economists and life care planners to determine the lifetime financial impact of a catastrophic injury such as loss of limb, a birth injury, injury to the brain or spinal cord, a serious burn or an electrocution death.

Each of these types of injuries is unique. Each requires unique medical care and causes different types of lasting injury. Our personal injury lawyers have represented many clients with these types of injuries, and we know how to build custom-tailored lawsuits based on each client's individual needs.

Insurance companies will consult their own medical experts, who will testify that a client's injuries are less severe than claimed or are due to a pre-existing condition. As personal injury lawyers who have represented countless clients over the years, we're prepared for the tactics insurers use to reduce compensation in serious and fatal accident cases.

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