Commercial Contract and Business Disputes

Contract and Partnership Disputes


Whether you own or manage a business in Texas, chances are that your operation depends on external parties like suppliers, vendors, service providers, and customers. An interruption in services or supplies from any business contact can lead to a disruption in trade and can result in your company defaulting on contracts; missing deadlines; losing customers or valued employees; experiencing a decline in its credit rating; et cetera. That’s why businesses negotiate contracts, and that’s why those contracts must be enforced.

Houston, TX attorney Alton Todd is a business litigation lawyer who litigates commercial contract disputes. With experience in commercial litigation that spans three decades, Alton Todd is a lawyer who gets results for his corporate clients.

Attorney Alton Todd understands his clients didn’t start their businesses to engage in legal disputes. On the contrary, contract disagreements result in cash flow disruptions for business enterprises. If the counter-party is not amenable to a business-driven agreement, Alton Todd is fully prepared to pursue the case through the litigation or arbitration. Attorney Todd approaches each case with the goal of using his litigation skills as part of an overall strategy of attaining defined client objectives.

In addition to contract disputes, The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd also handles:

  • Shareholder Disputes in Corporations: The State of Texas and most other states obligate the officers of corporations to certain fiduciary responsibilities towards their shareholders. When those officers fail to live up to these commitments, Attorney Todd will pursue your claims in the courts. Attorney Todd also defends officers and directors in breach of fiduciary responsibility suits.
  • Partnership Disputes: Oftentimes, one business partner will accuse the other of not meeting their financial responsibility to the partnership, self-dealing, or usurping business opportunities of the partnership. Attorney Todd represents both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases.
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes: Franchise agreements frequently experience contract disputes. These commercial disagreements can be particularly inconvenient because of the close nature of the franchisor-franchisee relationship.

Alton Todd has the corporate law knowledge and business acumen to help you settle your commercial disputes. Whether you find yourself in the middle of a heated contract dispute or are merely interested in securing your arrangements with business colleagues, you can rely on the experience Alton Todd.

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