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The structure and flow of reinsurance, as well as whether or not certain losses are covered under a reinsurance contract, can lead to litigation. The law firm of Alton C. Todd provides legal counsel in arbitration matters related to reinsurance contracts and disputes. While arbitration is handled through Aida Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (ARIAS), when issues arise regarding disclosure of business risks, commutation clauses, ceding commissions, errors and omissions clauses and other issues, our lawyers evaluate the terms and conditions of reinsurance contracts. We advise clients of the legal options available to them and what can be done to protect their interests.

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Reinsurance Arbitration

In most reinsurance disputes, at issue is whether a loss falls under the terms of coverage contained in a reinsurance contract. Typically, a ceding company must disclose the nature of its business and what losses will be covered, regardless of whether facultative or treaty reinsurance is purchased. When the natures of certain lines of business are not disclosed, or when individual risks are covered through retrocession, parties may dispute who is responsible for indemnifying the ceding company.

At the law office of Alton C. Todd, our attorneys advise and represent clients in reinsurance arbitration involving:

  • Medical benefits carve-out plans
  • Excess of loss contracts
  • Quota share contracts
  • Surplus contracts
  • Disagreements among pool participants
  • Whether a loss event is covered

Understanding the Options Available to You

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