Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Severely Injures Man

According to HPD officers on the scene, at about 2:30 am on Saturday, June 2nd, a 28-year-old Houston woman driving a Toyota Corolla entered the Pierce Elevated stretch of I-45 going the wrong way in the far left-hand lane, where her vehicle barely missed hitting one on-coming vehicle and then collided head-on with a Kia Optima, severely injuring its driver, a 67-year-old Houston man. The victim was taken to an area hospital in critical condition and it remains presently unclear if he will survive his extensive injuries. The wrong-way driver admitted to the police that she had been drinking before the crash and she was arrested and jailed on a charge of intoxicated assault. As so often happens, she was unhurt in the collision. If her victim dies, the present charge against her will be upgraded to a vehicular homicide charge. The freeway was closed to allow police to complete their on-site investigation, evacuate the victim and clear wreckage. It reopened later on Saturday morning.

How long does this carnage have to continue before we really start to take it seriously? An innocent man terribly injured, a selfish young woman’s life wrecked, two families severely stressed and for what? No more reason than the woman’s inability to refrain from drinking and then driving. If you or a loved one is ever injured by a drunk driver, please consider calling us. We are very good at holding such irresponsible people fully accountable for the devastating harm they cause.