Wrong-Way Driver Kills Man, Injures 2 Cops

Hit an average Joe while driving drunk and there may be definite consequences. But, hit a cop and your butt is gonna be fried. At about 11:30 pm on Sunday, July 21st, a man driving “for a considerable distance” the wrong way on Westpark Tollway slammed into a Harris County Sheriff’s cruiser as it entered the Tollway at the Eldridge Parkway entrance ramp. In the collision, a man being transported in the rear of the cruiser, ironically for drunk driving, was killed and the two deputies in the front seats were injured, one with a serious concussion.

The driver of the wrong-way vehicle was a 39-year old man who has previous drunk driving convictions in Illinois and Missouri who had an alcohol blood level, (“ETOH”), of .23, almost three times the .08 limit in Texas. He suffered a broken leg in the crash. He was arrested at the scene and, after being taken to an area hospital for treatment, was jailed without bond. He now faces charges of first-degree murder and two counts of felony assault of a peace officer, along with numerous lesser charges.

This crash raises some disturbing issues. First, why was he driving at all after two DWI convictions in other states? Second, why didn’t freeway surveillance cameras pick up a wrong-way driver traveling a “considerable distance” with a report sent to law enforcement to intercept him before he killed somebody? Third, why is killing somebody while driving drunk only a huge deal when a cop gets hit? Someday maybe the Texas Legislature will finally be roused and motivated to actually deal with this scourge, but until then it’s open season as usual on innocent Texas drivers and their passengers.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a collision involving a drunk driver, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such tragedies for decades and we are particularly adept at bring utterly irresponsible people to justice.