Wrong-Way Driver Killed in Crash

At about 2:30 am on Monday, October 29th, the adult male driver of a Mustang entered the northbound lanes of the I-45 North Freeway and headed south near 2920. After driving a short distance, the Mustang collided head-on with an on-coming 18-wheeler with such force that the Mustang was literally torn into pieces, instantly killing its errant driver. The big rig’s driver was unhurt. According to HPD officers on the scene, as that collision was being investigated and cleared, at about 4:45 am, an adult female driver of a third vehicle crashed into the back of the stopped 18-wheeler. Apparently unhurt, she tried to back up and then flee, but police cruisers caught her after a brief chase and she was placed into custody for drunk driving. Investigation of the initial crash remains under investigation, which will include routine autopsy toxicology tests on the Mustang’s deceased driver to determine if alcohol played a role in that tragedy.

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