Wreck with Drunk Kills Mother and Infant

At about 3:30 am on Wednesday, February 28th, a Houston mother and her infant child were traveling on the southbound feeder road alongside the Gulf Freeway near El Dorado when her small compact car was struck violently from behind by an SUV. The force of the rear-end collision crushed the passenger compartment of the compact and the mother and her baby were killed upon impact. The SUV was driven by a 29-year-old female driver and had a 17-year-old female passenger. Both were injured in the crash and were taken to an area hospital in serious condition. However, both are expected to survive their injuries. HPD officers on the scene reported that the SUV’s driver showed signs of extensive intoxication and, assuming toxicology tests at the hospital confirm that, she is expected to be charged with several felony criminal counts. The freeway’s service road remained closed for several hours between Clear Lake City Boulevard and El Dorado Boulevard to allow first responders to remove the victims and clear the wreckage and for police to complete their onsite investigation. A follow-up investigation continues regarding the anticipated criminal charges.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a collision with a drunk driver, please consider calling us. Bringing justice to horrific tragedies like this is what we do.