Woman Runs Through Dead End, Hits Building

On the night of Wednesday, June 13th, a Houston woman traveling eastbound on West Road failed to stop at a dead end and drove her Dodge Charger through a chain-link fence and crashed through the metal rear wall of a commercial building. After her Charger entered the building, she also crashed into a parked pickup. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the woman was taken to an area hospital by ambulance in serious, but stable condition. There were no other reported injuries. Investigation of the wreck continues, which will include toxicology tests to determine if the woman was intoxicated or had a medical emergency or some other problem.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in an incident like this caused by a vehicle malfunction, the acts or omissions of others or an adverse reaction to medication, please consider calling us to assist you in seeking a just remedy.