Warning Seniors: Instead of Buying a Tub, You May be Buying a Casket

When you hear the word Jacuzzi you normally think of something attached to a swimming pool or part of a typical bath tub. In the past few years, Jacuzzi® Brand has started to target the senior population with a walk-in Jacuzzi tub with a door that replaces a standard bath tub. If you watch much TV, you have probably seen the commercials. They sound brilliant and sales have been great, but they have many hidden dangers.

First, the doors open to the inside rather than the outside, which makes them impossible to open with a tub full of water. In certain emergencies, users have been stuck inside for days, unable to get out. Additionally, the skid resistance for the seat to keep the user seated is about as slippery as ice, which has caused numerous slipping injuries while bathers are seated.

There are no specific standards for these walk-in tubs, and litigation has been filed in Nevada and Georgia for various injuries and incidents. If you or a loved one is ever injured using one of these tubs, please call us to learn about your legal rights. We have decades of experience holding manufacturers accountable for their poor designs, and we can likely help you.