Two Women Killed Saving Dog in Road

At about 8:00 pm on Sunday, September 2nd, two women died heroically while attempting to rescue a dog running free in the traffic lanes of the 4600 block of busy FM 517 East, near Houston Avenue in Dickinson. According to Dickinson Police officers on the scene, the women, who were longtime Dickinson residents, close friends, ages 66 and 69, and well known in the area for rescuing dogs in all sorts of situations, were trying to get a small, white dog out of harm’s way when the adult male 36-year-old driver of a 2017 Nissan Infinity came along and struck both women and the dog, killing all three. It is not presently clear who owned the dog.

The area where the collision occurred was fairly dark, but the vehicles of both women were in the center turn lane with flasher lights going and other traffic had slowed. The Infinity’s driver, a Friendswood resident, remained on the scene and did not appear to be speeding and was not intoxicated. However, he was issued two citations for driving with an invalid driver’s license and failure to have proof of insurance. Investigation of the entire incident continues. All lanes of FM 517 eastbound were closed for several hours to allow for removal of the victims’ remains and to complete the initial investigation, but were reopened the same evening.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a tragedy like this one, please consider calling us. Venturing on foot into traffic, even for the most altruistic reasons, is a very hazardous activity. However, it is important to investigate all aspects of even the most seemingly obvious situation to insure that the drivers involved were obeying traffic laws, were attentive and that necessary care and precautions were being undertaken. We have dealt with such incidents for decades and we can make sure justice is done for all concerned.