Two Adults Flee Collision, Leaving Kids Behind

On August 19th, an SUV exited the North Loop at Arlington Street and slammed into another vehicle. A nearby business’ surveillance video captured the wreck and then a lot more. The SUV rolled onto its side during the collision and afterwards, two adults and two children are seen climbing out of it. Then, the two adults ran away, leaving the two dazed kids standing there. The adult female driver of the car that was struck was injured in the collision, as were the children. There was also a puppy in the SUV and it was taken to an animal shelter pending further developments. The injured woman and the kids were taken to an area hospital in undetermined condition, with non-life-threatening injuries, and a manhunt is now underway to find the fleeing adults. According to HPD officers on the scene, there were numerous open beer can in the crashed SUV, which may have been the motivation to flee, since all the occupants of the SUV are related. Once the fleeing adults are found, they will face several criminal charges.

However, the fleeing couple may face civil charges as well, including ones brought by their own children. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a collision where the driver of the vehicle runs away, please consider calling us. We have dealt such incidents for a very long time and we are fully capable of finding such persons and holding them properly accountable.