TV Host Killed in Rear-End Collision

Just before 1:00 pm on Tuesday, October 16th, Khurram Ibrahim, a TV host of the popular “Cricket World” series on TV One was killed when he rear-ended a stalled 18-wheeler’s trailer in his BMW in the southbound lanes of the Southwest Freeway near Harwin. The BMW, which had to be going a considerable speed, went under the trailer’s rear bumper, also known as a “DOT bar” because it’s designed to prevent this sort of crash, with such force that the bumper was broken off the trailer, which in turn crushed the vehicle’s cab and killed Ibrahim instantly. The wreck backed up traffic on the busy freeway for over seven miles. Ibrahim’s family expressed shock at his sudden demise and TV One issued a statement of condolences on its Facebook page. Investigation of the cause of the tragedy continues and will include routine autopsy toxicology tests to determine if alcohol was involved or if the victim suffered a medical problem. Ibrahim’s funeral is scheduled for Friday, October 19th, at Mosque Sabreen.

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