Toddler Hit in Parking Lot

Just before 6:00 pm on Monday, June 24th, a Fulshear mother had picked up her 4 and 2 year-old children from the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center on FM 1463 near Fry Road in Fort Bend County and was placing the 4-year-old in a car seat when the younger sibling ran away from the car and right into the path of another vehicle driven by another mother who had just picked up her child too. According to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the toddler suffered a broken bone and possibly internal injuries in the collision and was taken by ambulance to the Texas Medical Center in stable condition. The mother who hit the toddler was said to be hysterical at the scene. However, she was not speeding and no charges are expected in the unavoidable tragedy.

Little kids can move like cartoon characters when you least expect it and they have zero appreciation for the risks involved in doing so. Thus, it is imperative for parents to anticipate the unexpected at every moment, particularly in places like parking lots where a lot is going on. This is especially true during the summer when there are great numbers of kids running about.

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