Street Racer Hits Mom and Child

In the early morning of Saturday, February 9th, two vehicles were observed street racing at very high speed in the 24000 block of Grand Parkway in Fort Bend County, and several reports about it were posted on social media. Responding DPS troopers began a chase of the two involved vehicles. When the chase began, the racing vehicles were going about 100 mph, and during the chase the speeds went even higher. At Highland Knolls Drive, one of the southbound fleeing vehicles hit a Honda driven by a mother, with a small child inside. The racing vehicle’s driver lost control and the vehicle flipped and rolled over. The driver was injured in the crash and was arrested at the scene and taken to an area hospital for treatment. He faces several criminal charges. Incredibly, both the mother and child from the Honda were uninjured, although both were traumatized by the incident. Since the racers were stupid enough to take videos of each other, the pursuing cruisers have videos as well and other videos were posted online. A search is on for the drivers of the other racing vehicle. When caught, that driver will also face charges.

Racing at high speeds on public streets and roadways is a vicious crime. If you or a loved one is ever inured in an incident like this one, please consider calling us. We have very extensive experience with crashes like this and we will do all in our power to insure that you receive a full measure of justice.