Serious Beach ‘Yuck’ Factor!

This story reoccurs every spring, but redundancy makes it no less important, and no less yucky! According to a beach watchdog’s website, at, operated jointly by the federal EPA and the Texas General Land Office, recent testing of the Gulf of Mexico and various bay waters along the Texas coastline confirms that high levels of the fecal bacteria are present in several popular Spring Break destination waters, including Corpus Christi Bay, just off North Padre Island, and medium levels of contamination are present in numerous other Texas beach area waters.

This particular bacteria is a normal part of the vast flora inside human digestive systems, but, when released in open water, they can cause nasty infections surprisingly resistant to antibiotics. There is no particular precaution a swimmer can take to avoid being infected in waters with high bacterial levels except the regrettable precaution of avoiding swimming at all. And, that alternative sure reduces the fun of Spring Break. So, please make your own decision as to how much swimming fun you need and if it’s a lot in the mentioned waters, be ready to be a good sport about the consequences. Best of luck, and stay safe out there.