Scary Low in Compassion, Responsibility

Some events occurring around us make one wonder just how low some folks are willing to go in there stunning lack of compassion and responsibility. At about 10:15 pm on Tuesday, July 21st, a group of motorcyclists were riding together in the outbound lanes of the 8000 block of the East Freeway near McCarty drive when one of them rode ahead a bit, lost control of his bike and hit a vehicle driving beside him. The bike crashed and caught fire and its rider was promptly run over by a pickup. Not only did the pickup’s driver not stop, he or she kept right on going, dragging the motorcyclist for a full half mile down the freeway before he was knocked free. HPD officers and HFD fire fighters arrived at the scene of the initial collision and quickly extinguished the burning bike. But, upon failing to find its rider, the police looked farther down the freeway and found the rider lying unconscious on the freeway shoulder. He was taken by ambulance to an area hospital and, incredibly, is expected to make a full recovery. There were numerous witnesses and police are presently searching for the fleeing pickup driver and, when he or she is apprehended, several criminal charges will be filed.

What kind of a truly depraved person does something like that? It’s bad enough to have a collision or run over another person and just run away, but to then drag the victim a full half a mile and still run away just takes one’s breath away. To be this callous about the trauma and horror being sustained by another person shows a staggering lack of both compassion and responsibility to the point of outright cruelty. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a vehicle collision, please consider calling us. We make people pay for this type of behavior.