Robbery Victim Turns Table on Assailant

This discussion is well-afield on what this blog normally talks about, but it’s too delicious to ignore. Early in the morning of Wednesday, January 9th, an attractive young woman was standing alone in front of her apartment and talking on her cell phone while waiting for an Uber ride in a suburban area of Jacarepagua near Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere, pointed a gun in her face and demanded her phone and valuables. Now comes the delicious part.

It turns out that the young woman, Polyana Viana, is a champion MMA UFC fighter. Seeing the weapon, a rage instantly boiled up from deep within her and she proceeded to quickly grab the pistol, which turned out to be a fake, right out of the surprised assailant’s hand. She then unleashed a hail of rapid punches and kicks and beat the living hell out of the guy, throwing him onto the ground and pinning him in a near-death choke hold while she used her very-not-stolen cell phone to call the police, while the now prostrate, very bloody and eyes swollen shut assailant lay on the ground sobbing and pleading with the woman to let him go. She didn’t and the cops hauled the guy off, who by this point was probably glad to go with them.

Needless to say, confronting an armed robber and risking your life over a cell phone would normally be a dangerous and foolhardy choice. But, in this rare instance, training, skill and courage combined to bring this jerk some very much deserved street justice and to teach him a very valuable lesson. In a time when so much wrong goes on all around us, which is so seldom thwarted or made right, it sure is sweet to see a victim turn the table and win out in such a magnificently complete way.

Can you imagine what had to have been going through this punk’s mind when the gun left his hand and Viana’s first stinging punch landed on his face?!! Bet it was the Portuguese equivalent of “uh-ohhhh!”