Road Rager Flips Off, Crashes, May Die

Even if there are actual saints out there driving these days, they must certainly get irritated from time to time on Houston’s congested streets. But, feeling strongly about something and actually acting negatively upon that feeling are two very different things. You have a right to feel however you want about frustrating road situations, but acting on them may prove regrettable in the extreme.

At about 8:20 pm on Sunday, April 27th, a Houston mother driving a Chevy Suburban SUV was in the left turn lane on Cypress north Houston Road, waiting on the traffic light to turn onto Eldridge in Cypress, in northwest Harris County. As she waited, with a small child in her vehicle, she heard a motorcycle revving loudly behind her. Suddenly, the adult male driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle passed her on her right side, flipping her off as he did so. Once in front of her, he did so again… then he suddenly lost control of the cycle, fell off, hit his head on a concrete curb and suffered severe head injuries as he was not wearing a helmet. Paramedics performed CPR on the biker until Life Flight transported him to an area hospital in critical condition; but, it is presently uncertain as to whether he will survive his injuries. The mother, who was uninjured, remained at the scene and was cooperative with investigating Sheriff’s deputies.

So, what did the biker accomplish in this incident? He scared a mother and likely her child, crashed his expensive motorcycle and may soon die. And, if he lives, he may have severely negatively affected the rest of his life. And, for what? The momentary and quickly fleeting satisfaction of telling her with gestures what an idiot he thought she was.

If you are ever injured in an incident like this one, because you gave into your darker urges, we’ll be really sorry for your consequences, but can’t do a thing to help you. On the other hand, if you are injured because of the acts of someone with road rage, we will do all we can to help you.