Racing Fatality Closes Freeway

At about 3:00 am, on Monday, February 19th, a motorcycle and a pickup collided in the southbound main lanes of I-45 North near Parker Road while racing at a very high rate of speed and the crash caused the motorcycle to slam into the concrete center barrier, damaging it and the pickup to roll over several times. According to HPD officers on the scene, the motorcycle’s adult male driver was killed instantly upon impact with the barrier and the pickup’s adult male driver was seriously injured and taken to the hospital in unknown condition. There were several witnesses despite the early hour of the crash and all told police that the two vehicles were racing head-to-head and darting around and in and out of traffic when they collided. Wreckage from the crashed vehicles as well as materials broken off the center barrier were strewn over many yards of the freeway pavement and all inbound lanes, including the HOV lane, were closed for over three hours to allow for removal of the victims, clearing of the roadway and completion of the onsite investigation. Fortunately, they reopened for the start of the Monday rush hour. The investigation will continue, which will include toxicology tests, and depending upon the results thereof prosecutors will determine if criminal charges should be filed. Also, TxDOT officials are assessing necessary repairs to the HOV barrier.

These sorts of incidents are scary for the participants, but they are terrifying and dangerous for nearby motorists. If you or a loved one is ever injured in such an incident please consider consulting us. Holding folks like this accountable to compensate innocent folks like you whom they endanger is what we do.