Racing Drivers Critically Injure Woman

On the evening of Wednesday, August 8th, two pickup drivers racing each other at a very high rate of speed heading north on Longwood Trace Drive smashed into a southbound Toyota Highlander SUV, which was turning left in front of them, with such force that the big SUV was flipped multiple times before coming to rest many yards down the pavement. The adult female driver of the SUV, a Cypress mother, suffered extensive head injuries and was Life Flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in gravely critical condition, where she was taken immediately into surgery in an effort to save her life. According to DPS troopers on the scene, one of the pickups was badly damaged in the collision and the adult male driver remained at the scene. However, the driver of the other racing pickup, a gray Ford F-150, fled the scene without ever even slowing down. Several other drivers stopped to try to assist the victim and to report what they saw to the troopers. Area surveillance videos are also being studied for clues as to the identity of the fleeing driver. Criminal charges are expected to be filed against the pickup driver who stayed, and it was not immediately clear as to whether that man was injured or not. When the fleeing driver is apprehended, he or she will face numerous felony charges and an extensive search is now underway to accomplish that as quickly as possible.

Street racing is depicted in so many modern films and TV shows that it seems a harmless sport. In real life, there is absolutely nothing cool or fun about being killed, or nearly so, by insensitive, immature, selfish idiots. Street racing is a crime and dangerous as hell. If you ever contemplate doing it, don’t! And, if you or a loved one is ever injured in an incident like this, please consider calling us. We have dealt with vehicle collisions for decades and we take special pride in holding morons like those involved here fully accountable.