Our Unique Focus

Over the course of the last year, The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd has been conducting focus groups for the cases being handled by our firm as well as for other lawyers. We have been working harder and smarter in order to give our client's the best representation possible. By taking the extra step of focus grouping our cases, we are more prepared to deal with the problem areas of our cases and we are able to adapt our approach. We are also able to give our client some real world perspective as to how a potential jury views their case. I would encourage any serious trial lawyer to focus group his/her case early and often in order to provide their client with the best opportunity to resolve the matter favorably. And, I would encourage anybody looking for a lawyer to handle their case to ask two important questions before hiring that lawyer: Have you actually tried a lawsuit before (and preferably often)? And, are you going to do the extra work necessary (focus groups) to win the case? If the answer to those questions are "yes", you have found a trial lawyer worthy of handling your case.