Noble Hearts Are Always Admired!

A strange and wonderful thing happened in Illinois over the weekend of May 12-13. A couple of twin 13-year-0ld high school girls were running in the 800 meter finals in the state track meet. And, they were running well and in position to win or at least to gain a medal. But, then suddenly, one of the sisters collapsed onto the track in agony after hearing a loud pop in her leg. The other sister happened to glance back and saw her writhing sibling. Now here’s the amazing part… that sister abruptly stopped running and trotted back to her fallen sister. But, she didn’t just comfort her, she bodily picked her up, pulled her up onto her own skinny frame and finished the race, dead last, with her sister on her back every step of the way. It comes as no shock that when the track fans in the packed stands realized what was happening, they rose, as one, in a roaring cheer as the brave twin staggered over the finish line. After the race, a reporter asked the girl why she walked away from a pretty sure championship. And, what the little girl with a huge heart said are words that belong on a mountain somewhere: “Love and sportsmanship, even if you lose and help somebody, it’s still worth it. The energy from the crowd made me stronger.” Wow… the human heart holds no finer sentiments than that. If this terrific little girl is not a champion, it’s very difficult to imagine what one might look like.