Municipal Pool Chlorine Leak injures Kids

At about 9:30 pm on Friday, August 2nd, the Lake Jackson Outdoor Pool operated by the city on Magnolia Street sprung a sudden chlorine leak while several area families and children were attending a movie event. Eleven children of various ages were transported to an area hospital for treatment of chlorine over-exposure. Six were taken by ambulance and the remaining five were taken by their families for treatment. All of the victims were treated and have since been released. The City of Lake Jackson issued a prompt apology for the leak and promised a full investigation of the cuase. The pool is presently closed for necessary repairs and inspections.

Chlorine in small concentrations is not dangerous. In fact, it’s actually put into municipal water supplies and most swimming pools to control germs and micro-organisms. However, in higher concentrations it can become very toxic very quickly.

Municipalities can only be held liable for tortious conduct in very limited circumstances per the Texas Tort Claims Act, (“TTCA”). However, such claims are not impossible to assert. Claimants just need counsel who are experienced in this field. If you or a loved one is ever injured due to negligent acts or omissions of the employees of the city or state where you live, please consider calling us. We have dealt with these claims for decades and experts in the field.