Massive Chemical Plant Tank Fire Finally Out

A massive tank fire which erupted on the morning of Sunday, March 17th and furiously burned over five days at the International Terminals Co.’s Deer Park plant located near Tidal Road and Independence Parkway, virtually destroying all the huge tanks at the facility, was finally extinguished on the morning of Thursday, March 21st. While the multi-day fire, which emitted gigantic plumes of dense black, acrid smoke as high as 4,000 feet in the air and visible for scores of miles, is finally out, its aftermath has just begun. The fire burned untold tens of thousands of gallons of toluene, naphtha, xylene and pyrolysis gasoline and emitted tons of benzene, carbon monoxide and a host of other toxic and carcinogenic substances which settled over vast areas of housing and all the structures, vehicles, plants, people, pets and livestock within them. ITC concedes that volatile organic compounds have been detected as far as six miles from the plant, but of course according to a company spokesperson, all is well and no injuries have been reported. However, that predictably rosy corporate assessment aside, Harris County Public Health officials have warned residents in the affected areas who have experienced difficulty breathing, burning sensations on the skin, irritated, red, swollen eyes, irritated throat or nose, coughing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, muscle spasms, cramps or any other unusual symptoms to seek medical attention promptly. Also all pets and livestock should be checked for the same sorts of problems and houses, businesses, other buildings and foliage and vegetation, as well as vehicles and other equipment should also be examined for damage.

If you or a loved one has been injured in this incident, please consider calling us. We have dealt with toxic exposure cases for decades and we are very good at it.