Man Injured in Crash into Industrial Site

At around 10:00 pm on Tuesday, March 6th, a Houston man was seriously injured when the pickup he was driving suddenly veered off the road while traveling southbound on W. Mount Houston at N. Houston Rosslyn in northwest Houston, crashed through the fence of an industrial facility, flipped onto its side and smashed into a large stand of metal pipes, collapsing the pipes on top of it. HFD first responders had to free the man from the pipes which pinned him into his wrecked pickup so that he could be transported by ambulance to an area hospital in serious, but stable condition. A baby’s car seat was also spotted in the pickup, but the man was its only occupant at the time of the crash. No other vehicles appear to have been involved and HPD officers are continuing to investigate the cause of the mishap.

At this point, there are many questions and few answers. This victim could have been intoxicated, gone to sleep at the wheel, suffered an acute medical problem or experienced a sudden equipment failure on his pickup. Hopefully, investigation will confirm which. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a mysterious wreck like this one, please consider calling us. We can assist you in sorting out the whys and hows, so we can determine if others may be legally responsible for what happened to you.