Katy Officer's Kindness Very Much Worth Mentioning

During the morning of Thursday, October 1st, a black male Katy resident went public with an interaction he just had with a Katy Police officer which left him feeling grateful and deeply moved. Due to business complications caused by Covid-19, the resident had spent the entire night before moving his small business to a new location. As a result he’d had no sleep at all. Driving home, he turned onto a wrong-way street and there sat the officer on his motorcycle. The officer pulled the driver over to ask what was going on.

Needless to say, the driver was anxious because he’d obviously screwed up. Not only had he made the wrong turn, he wasn’t wearing his seat belt and he didn’t have his driver’s license with him. But, instead of chewing him out and issuing three citations, after the driver told him about his exhausting night, the officer smiled, told him to put his seat belt on for the rest of his drive home and to get some sleep. The officer then fist-bumped the driver and went back to his motorcycle and drove off. Not only was the driver enormously relieved, he was blown away by the officer’s compassion, courtesy and kind understanding. In disclosing the incident, he said it was an event that made his whole day and was a moment he will remember fondly forever.

By any measurable standard, 2020 has shaped up across the board to be a year of stresses unlike any other in recent memory, and so many among us have been pressed financially, medically, emotionally, socially and politically to the breaking point. In such circumstances, assuming the worst, flaring tempers and angry exchanges have become almost the searing norm. Small but important acts of human decency like this one are all the more notable. Like encountering a beautiful flower on a hellish battlefield as artillery shells crash down, this sweet exchange reminds all of us that just being understanding and kind can have an enormous impact. So, the next time you are dealing with another person and want to start kicking walls, please take a deep breath, remember the good heart of this nice officer and say or do some kind thing. It will make the mean moment melt away and it will put good karma out there for others to see, share, and feel.

Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.