Judge, Exhibit A Is Right Here!

Well, if a wreck is unavoidable and you want it to be properly investigated by the police and all the evidence preserved the best place to have it is right inside a police station. That’s exactly what happened on the morning of Tuesday, October 2nd, when a Houston woman plowed her Ford Expedition SUV right through the glass storefront of a Harris County Sheriff’s Office sub-station located on Hwy 6 near Bellaire Blvd., in the Mission Bend area of west Houston. According to deputies on the scene, the woman suffered a medical problem which caused her to lose control of her vehicle and although the SUV smashed through the entire front wall of the office and scattered furniture and equipment all over the place, no one was in the station at the time and there were no injuries. The woman driver was taken to an area hospital related to her medical condition and is recovering. No charges will be filed , but the Sheriff’s sub-station will be closed indefinitely, pending repairs. I guess, since there are photos of it and all, the Expedition will not have to be stored in an evidence locker!

In Texas, if you have certain medical problems, such as seizures, vision compromising illnesses or the like, you must report such to the DPS and undergo a medical evaluation to determine your continued fitness to drive. However, typically, an accident like this one does not otherwise give rise to fault. If you are ever involved in an incident like this one, or you or a loved one is ever injured in one, please consider calling us. We can evaluate your rights and make sure all involved are fairly treated.