Horrific Truck Crash Kills Driver

At about 12:45 am on Friday, April 12th, the adult male driver of an 18-wheeler was killed when he slammed into a concrete barrier between an exit and the main southbound lanes of Highway 59 near Townsend Blvd. and Loop 494 in the Humble area. The truck was carrying a load of lawnmowers and the collision caused it to flip, scattering its cargo over a wide area, and both the truck and its cargo burst into towering flames. It took firefighters over an hour to extinguish the ensuing horrific blaze and the driver was killed and incinerated in the wreckage. As a direct result of the fire, a secondary collision of five vehicles was caused due to rubbernecking and several occupants of those vehicles were injured and taken to area hospitals in unreported condition.

All southbound lanes of the Eastex Freeway and some of the northbound lanes were closed for several hours to deal with both collisions. Investigation of the 18-wheeler crash continues and TxDOT officials are presently inspecting the freeway to determine what sort of repairs will be required to the pavement due to its intense heating in the fire. Commuters in the Kingwood area can probably expect long delays in the coming weeks as those repairs are made.

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