Health Emergencies Keep HFD First Responders Scrambling

On a typical day HPD and HFD first responders deal with dozens of traffic collisions ranging from minor fender benders to major, multi-vehicle catastrophes. However, to underscore how concerned Houstonians are about sheltering in place over the Coronavirus, on Wednesday, April 8th, from midnight until 2:00 pm, HPD officers were called out to only 12 incidents involving either collisions or traffic problems. Conversely, HFD first responders were summoned to deal with an astonishing 39 medical emergencies. Some of these dealt with Coronavirus victims and others dealt with more normal health emergencies.

To the extent you possibly can, please give all of our first responders a break by staying home to avoid potentially adding to the chaos we're currently living through. These good folks have enough to do without our unnecessarily adding to it. Please everyone stay healthy and take every precaution you can. We wish everyone out there good health now and prosperity on the other side of this tragedy.