Head-On Crash Kills 2, Injures 5, ‘Loses’ Another

At about 8:30 pm on Sunday, August 5th, a pickup truck and a Ford Explorer SUV collided head-on on State Highway 36 at Long Lane in Fort Bend County. According to Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the crash killed the drivers of each of the vehicles, and five passengers were injured and another passenger is missing. After that crash, the driver of another pickup came onto the smashed vehicles and slammed on his brakes in time to avoid hitting them, but another SUV following that pickup rear-ended it. No one was injured in the second collision. All surviving victims were taken to area hospitals in undetermined condition. Investigation of the tragedy continues, and it will include routine toxicology tests from the autopsies of the deceased victims to determine if alcohol played a role in the tragedy. Highway 36 was closed for several hours to clear the victims, treat and remove the injured passengers and clear the wreckage. It has since re-opened.

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