Ford Issues 1.5 Million Vehicle Recalls

On Wednesday, February 13th, in a trio of announcements of voluntary actions, Ford Motor Company issued a recall of roughly 1.48 million 2011-13 F-150 trucks equipped with 6-speed transmissions because they have a defect which can temporarily cause an intermittent loss of the transmission output speed sensor signal to the powertrain control module and a consequent downshift into first gear while driving, which has caused at least five accidents, including one serious “whiplash’ case. This recall affects 1.26 million trucks in the U.S. and 221,000 in Canada. Ford also recalled 27,000 2017-19 Lincoln Continental vehicles in the U.S. and another 1,200 in Canada with a silicon contamination problem in the door latch which can prevent doors from fully closing and causing the door to improperly remain unlatched while driving. No accidents related to this problem have been reported. Ford further recalled about 4,200 2019 Ford Mustang, Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Navigator vehicles in the U.S. and another 150 in Canada because of a defect that causes the dashboard instrument cluster to go blank during engine startup. Again, no accidents related to this problem have been reported. All together, these recalls involve about 1.5 million vehicles.

Ford requests that any vehicle purchasers receiving notice of the recalls contact the dealership from which the vehicle was purchased to promptly schedule necessary repairs.