Fleeing Suspect’s Horrific Crash Injures 3

A little before 3:30 am on Monday, November 2nd, an HPD officer on patrol attempted to pull over a Mercedes sedan headed westbound on Westheimer Road on Houston’s near west side, however the Mercedes fled. Its adult male driver sped from the chasing squad car at a very high rate of speed and t-boned another vehicle at the Stoney Brook intersection with such force that the innocent driver’s vehicle was literally torn into two pieces, scattering wreckage for half a block. The driver of the struck vehicle was badly injured and he and two passengers in the Mercedes were all taken to an area hospital. The person who caused all this was, of course, uninjured and jumped out of the wrecked Mercedes and tried to flee on foot. However, after a brief foot chase he was tackled by arriving officers and arrested. He now faces numerous criminal charges. Westheimer was closed for several hours to remove the victims and clear the wreck, but has since reopened.

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