Even Fancy Cars Get Recalled

If you thought that having a monthly car payment just smaller than the annual budget of Finland exempts you from the annoying realities of vehicle recalls, think again Sven. On April 29th, Mercedes-Benz announced the recall of over 284,000 C300, C350 and C63 AMG cars from 2008, through 2011, in the United States and Canada. It seems that the rear tail lights can fail, exposing drivers and occupants to increased risk of rear end collisions. Specifically, corrosion on a connector can cause the tail, brake or rear turn signal lights to dim or fail altogether. The problem affects 253,000 American cars and 31,000 in Canada. Other countries are also affected, but a company spokesperson didn’t have the numbers of vehicles involved in those. The company has assured drivers that if the problem occurs, a dashboard warning light will illuminate. But, in case old Jeeves, or that new thickly muscled chauffeur your wife prefers, sees the light blazing as he returns from picking up your Beluga caviar at Central Market, tell him to put the matter on his calendar because the Mercedes-Benz staff are not ones to be ruffled unnecessarily… although the recall was announced yesterday, the replacement parts will not be delivered to dealers until “August or September.” So, if you get blasted from the rear in the meantime, you vill just haff to deal vith zizz problem on ya own!!
Sooo, my rich friends… or those of you with a philosophical view of budgets and debt in general, be vigilant and patient as you squire yourself around town. Say… did I mention you can pick up a used Yugo for about $50 bucks and they’ve never been recalled once? Oh well, forget about it. If you did, people would laugh at you in the Central Market parking lot and that hurts way worse than being rear-ended!