Drunk Driver Crashes into School Bus

On the evening of Friday, October 12th, a drunk driver crashed into a Conroe ISD school bus transporting 24 members of the Conroe High School’s girls’ volleyball team to a game. According to Conroe Police officers on the scene, several of the team members were taken to area hospitals with unknown injuries. The adult male driver of the vehicle which hit the bus, who was uninjured in the crash, failed field sobriety tests and he was arrested and charged with felony intoxication assault. He presently remains in jail, in lieu of the posting of a $25,000 bond. The bus driver was not hurt, nor apparently were any of the team’s coaches.

If you or a loved one is ever injured at the hands of an impaired driver, please consider calling us. As I have often said, we take special pleasure and pride in being very good at holding such people fully accountable for the terrible injuries their selfish acts cause.