Driver Plunges off Bayou Bridge, Drowns

At about 5:15 pm on Thursday, January 17th, a Dickinson man drove his vehicle off the Highway 3 bridge over Dickinson Bayou near the Dickinson Bayou Boat Ramp close to the intersection of 48th Street and the 5000 block of Hwy. 3. After Dickinson Police were notified and officers arrived on the scene, search and recovery divers from Dickinson, League City and Webster were sent into the bayou and at around 8:00 pm they recovered the deceased driver’s body, who was reported to be “elderly,” although his age was not immediately made available.

Witnesses confirmed to officers that the man drove off the bridge, but no one knew why. Therefore, it remains presently unknown if the tragedy was caused intentionally or by accident. No other vehicles were involved and the victim appeared to be alone when his vehicle went off the bridge. Investigation of the incident will continue, including routine autopsy toxicology tests to determine if alcohol, medications or a medical problem may have had a role. The vehicle, which was also pulled from the water, will also be checked for mechanical problems.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a vehicle crash like this one due to your own fault or incapacity, I have often said there isn’t much that can be done to assist you. But, if you are involved in an incident like this one due to sudden emergency, the fault of others or mechanical failure, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such incidents for a very long time and we can help.