Driver with Math Problem Creates Mess

Per the Texas Transportation Code, every overpass and bridge over a Texas highway is posted with the height of the base of that structure above the road surface. That’s to alert the drivers of over-sized vehicles or those carrying over-sized loads about the limits of the opening in front of them. And, as anyone who has driven for longer than about six minutes knows, the signs are big, bright and easy to see. Unfortunately, some drivers are so oblivious to these signs that they plow right ahead towards a bridge or overpass heedless that there may not be sufficient room to pass beneath it. When that happens, chaos surely follows.

A perfect example of that happened not once, but twice for a single driver in just a few weeks. On Thursday, October 25th, several drivers on I-10 East near Wayside Drive and McCarty Street called 911 to report that a huge roll of plastic piping on a spool had become dislodged off a flatbed trailer being towed by a truck going under a freeway railroad bridge because it was too tall to clear the bases of the bridge’s supporting beams. The spool was retrieved and placed back on the flatbed trailer, and there were no reported injuries. Then, just over two weeks later, at about 4:45 pm on Monday, November 12th, that same driver, Walter Pene, of Walter Pene Trucking in Anton, Texas, drove another load of the huge spools under the exact same bridge and, yup, both spools were knocked off the trailer, blocking freeway traffic just as rush hour began, backing vehicles up for several miles and several hours until the spools could be moved out of the freeways traffic lanes. This time, Pene was cited by HPD’s truck enforcement division for carrying an over-permissible-height load.

Seriously?! Come on dude, if you’re smart enough to get a commercial driver’s license and buy an 18-wheeler, why the heck can’t you figure out that if a load is too tall the first time, a second identical load will be too tall as well? This sort of inconsiderate driving is not only stupid and lazy, it’s profoundly dangerous. If you are ever injured in any sort of 18-wheeler incident, please give us a call. We are specialists in this type of work and can put the full weight of the law behind you.